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All Retirees with five or more years of service with Holden are most welcome to join the club.

Eligible "service with Holden" can include time spent as a contractor, or with an Australian based GM Entity, or on assignment with GM Corp entities overseas provided it occurred after a period of employment with Holden.



If you wish to be a member of the Club, please click on the link below, fill in your contact details and an application form will be emailed to you.

Complete the form and forward it to Neil Pogson, Treasurer, Holden Retirees Club at the address on the form, or by email to: .

Subscription is $5 per calendar year (or part thereof).



If you have lost your renewal notice, or did not get one, please also download the form below. It will give you full details on how to pay your subscription.

We use the information you supply for mailing the newsletter, assisting CVO in establishing your eligibility for car purchase, letting you know if you're eligible for the Honour Roll, giving you the correct departmental contact, and identifying you when old friends are trying to find you. No information is divulged to third parties without your approval.



Application / Subscription form:

Please click on the link, follow the instructions and an application / subscription form will be emailed to you.


Click here for Application / Subscription Form