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Holden Retirees Club News


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Our 7th September 2017 Meeting

President Bill Hooper opened our152nd meeting promptly at 12:30 with 105 members present.

Bill welcomed all members and guests, and particularly our speaker and Club member, Marcus McInnes.   Marcus is well known to most of you from working in Engineering and Corporate Affairs and is a familiar face at our meetings.

Also welcomed were two representatives of the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia, General Manager, Ash Knop and Transport Co-ordinator, Julie Giblett. Ash was to address us about the need for volunteer drivers for their free patient transport service.

Bill moved on to welcome some new members:  

Jonathan D’Cruz, Engineering, Fishermens Bend 

Mark Keppich-Arnold, Manufacturing, Dandenong 

James McIntosh, Engineering, Fishermens Bend 

Terry Sullivan, Purchasing, Fishermens Bend

A warm welcome was extended to these new members. 

He then reported on the sad loss of some of our numbers: 

George Saaty, Finance, Fishermens Bend;  

Bill Varrenti, Manufacturing Product Engineering, Fishermens Bend;

Leslie (Mick) Wilson, Manufacturing, Pagewood;    

Hugh Healey, Sales, Fishermens Bend;

Paul Fontaine, Parts and Accessories, Dandenong;

Barry Gates, Manufacturing, Dandenong.

Russ Kennewell, Engineering, Fishermens Bend;

Arthur Bollard, Service, South Melbourne.

 Our members stood for the customary one minute's silence for our departed friends.

An excellent Lunch followed, all for just $22.50:

Entree -  Prawn Cocktail, prepared the MCC way

Mains   - Chicken Kiev/ Pesto Mash/ Seasonal Vegetables/ Chili Hollandaise; or

- Roast eye fillet 180g/ Dijon mustard sauce/ cream potato/ green vegetable

- Tea or coffee.

Marc McInnesAfter Lunch, Bill introduced our speaker, Marcus McInnes to present:

 “World Solar Challenge - Quiet Achiever to Tesla - Holden’s Role”.

Those at the meeting will know that Marc had some major technical problems with his computer, including losing all his preparation just hours earlier!  However, he carried on gamely with some most interesting information but restricted access to his notes, but unfortunately was unable to finish due to a final malfunction.

However, Marc has now recreated the talk as it was meant to be and published it as a pdf file for your enjoyment.

 You can download it here.

Marcus was presented with a small token of our thanks and received a warm round of applause.


Ash KnopBill Hooper then introduced Ash Knop from the Leukaemia Foundation.  Holden and the Retirees Club have been associated with the Foundation for many years, and quite a few of our members have acted as volunteer drivers to transport sick patients to and from the Hospitals.

The Leukaemia Foundation is currently looking for new drivers to join the program and would like to hear from anyone who might be interested.


 Fred Jamison

Ash invited one of our volunteer driver Club members, Fred Jamison, to the stage to tell us of his experiences as a driver.  Fred spoke eloquently about the rewarding activities he had experienced while driving in this program.  His only complaint was that they had an age limit for drivers of 80 years of age, so he could not drive for them any longer!


Julie Giblett


 Julie Giblett then added some further information about the free transport scheme.   Drivers are required to be available for a full day (Monday to Friday only) and can drive as frequently or as infrequently as they choose.  Full orientation is provided.  If this is of interest to you, please call the Leukaemia Foundation Transport Program Coordinator, 9949 5808 for more information.


 The President then drew the Lucky Door prizes, with prizes provided by Holden, for which we thank them. 

Holden was kind enough to provide a new Astra for member's inspection. It was parked at the foot of the steps as usual, so members could take a few minutes to look it over as they left.

Bill thanked all for attending and closed the meeting at 3:30 PM.

 The next meeting will be on Thursday, 7th December 2017. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Anzac day in Senegal, 2017

For those of you wondering what happened to the Louisa Gibbs inspired Anzac Day ceremony in Senegal, Roger Gibbs has provided this update:

"Yes, the 3rd ANZAC ceremony was successfully held this year, however, the central theme was updating the guests with a presentation on the visit to Stoker Campbell’s grave (which took place after the 2016 ceremony). So the essence of the ceremony had been well covered by the previous report in the HRC news of Stoker Campbell.

Interestingly, for the first ceremony in 2015 the Australian Ambassador in Ghana simply sent a message to be read out, this year she flew in especially for it!"

Well done, Louisa!



The "Holden Archives Collection"

To mark the end of Holden vehicle manufacture in Australia, Holden has commissioned a commemorative book to be produced as a lasting memorial to this great enterprise.
Iconic Treasures has been chosen by Holden to produce the official "Holden Archives Collection". The Collection features 400 pages chronicling the Holden story. The “Holden Archives Collection” features world-class photography, rare artworks and lift out memorabilia.  There are some examples and more information about the inclusions on their website .
The discount pre-order price has now expired and is no longer available.  We understand that pre-ordered books will start to mail out in early November.
Note that the Retirees Club has no direct involvement in this offer, apart from verifying its authenticity with Holden, and is posting this information as a service to members.  Any inquiries should be addressed to Iconic Treasures, via their website . 

NSW Group.

Photos from our June 6 luncheon at the Randwick Bowling Club:

Jun6 2017- 1 red

Around the table from centre front left, Craig Mumby, Peter Pike, Rick Tozer sales, Lloyd Sharland, Michael Fittler, Ron Gailey, Adrian Buckley, John Geber, Michael Minatti, Peter Smith (sales). 

Jun6 2017- 2 red

Centre front left Tony Bataille, Manufacturing, Ron Hastings, Manufacturing, Wayne Broun sales, Steven Crouch sales, Stan Kennedy, sales, Malcolm Kerry, sales, John Arthur service/truck sales, Frank Nelson, Lindsay Doherty, Peter Cohen, sales, Tony Connolly sales.

Jun6 2017- 3 red

Left to right, Alan Moran, Dan Barnes, Marcus McInnes Public Relations/Engineering, Tom Southwood, Greg Lynch service/truck sales and convenor.  


Gold Coast Group.

The September Gold Coast Retiree’s Lunch was held as usual at Carmody’s restaurant at the Sharks Club in Southport.

L-R David Abel, Steve Markwell,Graeme Coverdale, John Ashmore, Lee Broomhall, Ted Bryant, Garry Newsome , Rod Alford.


Gold Coast group Sep 17


Thanks to Ted Bryant for the information.  For the benefit of his many friends, we advise that Ted has now relocated to the Runway Bay area in Queensland! Ted is available on 0428 123 206 if anyone from that area needs a ride to the Lunch.  All welcome!