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Holden Retirees Club News


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Our 1st March, 2018 Meeting

 President Bill Hooper opened our 154th meeting at 12:30. 

Bill welcomed all the 115 members present and guests, and particularly our speaker John Crennan, who is well known to most members. 

We had a pleasing number of new members this time:   

Rajkumar Rajasingham, ETL & HVTL 

Mohammed Abdur Rahman, HEO

 Bruce Curtis, Purchasing 

Paul Whitehead, Engineering 

Barry Ford, Finance

 John Lees, IT/EDS 

Graeme Keam, IT/EDS

 John Hicks, IT/EDS

 Chris Malan Engineering.

 A warm welcome was extended to these new members.

 But, Bill then had the sad duty of reporting the loss of some of our numbers:


Tony Hope, Engineering/Packaging, FB 

Jim Allan, Engineering, Proving Ground

 Rob McBride, Engineering, FB

 Alex Chalmers, Plant & Equipment, Dandenong 

Andrew McVean, IT/EDS, FB/Dandenong 

June Sawtell, Catering, FB


Our members stood for the customary one minute's silence for our departed friends.

 An excellent Lunch followed, all for just $22:50: 

Mains (alternating): 

Rosemary &Garlic crumbed Lamb cutlets/ Pesto Mash/ Seasonal Vegetables/ Chili Hollandaise 

Spiced pork cutlets/ whole grain mustard sauce/ garlic mashed potato/ green vegetables 


              Sticky Date Cake | Butterscotch Sauce Chantilly Cream 

              Lemon Meringue Tart| Passion Fruit Coulis 

Tea and Coffee 

After Lunch had been served, Bill introduced our speaker, John Crennan, well known to many members as the ex-Managing Director of HSV. 

John Crennan 1In his time at Holden, John had various roles including positions such as District Manager, Country Sales Manager ,National Advertising Manager, State Manager NSW (which involved the closure of the Pagewood Plant in 1980) National Fleet Manager and his final role of National Marketing Manager prior to resigning in November 1987 to take up the MD position at Holden Special Vehicles .

 A voice recording of John's presentation is available here including Bills' full introduction. 

John was thanked enthuiastically by applause, and was presented with the usual gift in appreciation of his presentation.  He also had an additional gift in the bag - an application form to join the Retirees Club!


 Treasurer, Neil Pogson took the microphone to pass on some information:

 - The club has made our annual donations of surplus funds to Charity. 

 A total of $2,000 was donated in five lots of $400 to:

 - Leukaemia Foundation  

Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute 

- Alzhiemers Australia 

- Royal Flying Doctor Service 

- Prostate Cancer Foundation.

 - Holden has confirmed that their in-house magazine, published since 1948, has now been discontinued.  A statement from Anna Betts, the Director of Communications, says:

 "With a smaller Communications team, we have placed priority on the producing communications that regularly update our employees and dealers on critical business information and supporting our business objectives. Unfortunately we don’t have capacity to produce People any more. 

 I can understand your disappointment however as a business and as a function, these are the decisions we’ve decided to make.

 I would encourage you and your members to sign up to our eLion newsletter at:

This is our customer newsletter. We have no plans to publish a hard copy communication beyond this."

 Members are reminded that a full collection of every People magazine ever published is available on the Club website.


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 The Lucky Door prizes were drawn, with prizes provided by Holden for which we thank them. 

Holden also provided a new ZB Commodore for member's inspection. It was parked at the foot of the steps as usual, and many members took the opportunity to crawl over and under it before they left! 

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Bill thanked all for attending and closed the meeting at 3:00 PM. 

The next meeting will be on Thursday, 7th June 2018. 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

NSW Group.

Photos from our December luncheon at the Randwick Bowling Club:








Gold Coast Group.

The March Gold Coast Retiree’s Lunch was held as usual at Carmody’s restaurant at the Sharks Club in Southport.

Pictured L-R, Garry Newsome, John Ashmore, Rod Alford,Graeme Coverdale,Garry Dryden & Bevan Rawson. 

Apologies Ted Bryant, Steve Markwell, and Ron Stewart.

Ted Bryant was actually at the Melbourne Lunch this time, where he heard John Crennan mention in his talk how highly John regarded Steve Markwell in his working career with the Dealerships!  


March 1 2018


Thanks to Ted Bryant for the information.  For the benefit of his many friends, we advise that Ted has now relocated to the Runway Bay area in Queensland! Ted is available on 0428 123 206 if anyone from that area needs a ride to the Lunch.  All welcome!