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Welcome to the Members' Memories pages.


These pages are frequently being updated, although the current content is fully functional.

As a large quantity of data has been loaded quickly, mistakes can occur.  

Please report any incorrect or non-functional links. 

Call back frequently to see what new material has been loaded!

Guidelines for Scans


 The Members’ Memories area is intended to be "A repository for privately held photographs of Holden  people and things, personal recollections and untold history".  We want to copy those photos you have in the back of a drawer somewhere, or your reminiscences of all things Holden, funny or sad or just plain history.

Some of our regular contributors have set the ball rolling, with interesting things such as “The Great Kangaroo Hunt”, “The Saga of the Saab Turbo Commodore”, photos of the construction of the Proving Ground and much more. But we still need your help to make this a meaningful collection.  We do not intend to put the Libraries or the Newspapers out of action, so we do not really want things published elsewhere unless they are particularly rare or otherwise unavailable.

So browse through the items already loaded and you will get a taste for the type of things we are looking for, and I hope, be inspired to dig out your stuff and send it to us.  Any originals will be scanned and returned to you (we will bear reasonable costs incurred on request) although items already scanned are very welcome.

Copyright will remain with the provider for original material, although the web site is open to anyone to download for your private purposes; any further publication of any items will require previous written approval from the copyright holder.

Please send items to Neil Pogson at  

Or to:

Neil Pogson

1 Glenwood Ave

Beaumaris 3193

03 95893196

Guide lines for Scans

Preferred formats are .jpg or .bmp for photographs, and .pdf for documents. Most common formats can be accommodated if necessary.

Scans at 300 dpi are usually adequate for most documents and photos, unless there is very fine print or other details to consider. 

If an A3 scanner is not available, scanning of A3 size documents is usually best done as two A4 size scans, provided that sufficient overlap is present at the point where the two halves are to be re-joined.

If your scanning software allows, please scan with Contrast raised about 20-40%, Saturation up about 20%, Descreen engaged if it is a printed original (not an actual photo) and moderate Sharpness enhancement.