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 Members' Documents and History

A repository for privately held documents about Holden people and things, personal recollections and untold history

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Note: Itms marked (PC) are scans of photocopies, which have been included where the original is not available, the quality is readable, and the subject is of sufficient interest.

 Contributor  Subject Area  Year/s  Content  Link  
 Marcus McInnes Pre 48_215 c1940  Australia Potentially a Manufacturing Country study  PDF
 Marcus McInnes Pre 48_215 June 1942  Essington Lewis to Hartnett re visit to GM  PDF
 Marcus McInnes Pre 48_215 July 1944  PM Chifley to Hartnett re visit to GM  PDF
 Marcus McInnes Pre 48_215 Oct 1944  Govt invitation for GMH to submit proposal to build an Australian car.  PDF
 Hugh Healey Pre 48_215 Oct1944   GM data "Market, Product and Cost data for proposed Australian car"  PDF
 Marcus McInnes Pre 48_215 Jan 1945  Hartnett's proposal to Govt to build a car in Australia  PDF
 Marcus McInnes Pre 48_215 Jan 1945  Hartnett's MD's Directives for the Australian Car Project  PDF
 Marcus McInnes Pre 48_215  Feb 1945  PM Chifley's response to GMH proposal for a new car  PDF
 Holden Pre 48_215  1944/45   Green Light 50 years ago - a summary of Legislative steps by Federal Parliament in the eventual approval of an Australian Car Industry.  PDF
 Marcus McInnes Pre 48-215 1936/45  Bill Abbot on early planning for the Australian Car Project.  PDF
 Marcus McInnes 48_215 Mar 1945  Bill Abbot's first Engineering report on the Australian Car Project  PDF
 Hugh Healey 48_215  May1945   Australian Seating Buck testing and approvals  PDF
 Marcus McInnes 48_215  July1945   Hartnett to Quarry - proto 2008 job loacl approval push PDF 
 Marcus McInnes 48_215 Aug1945  Quarry to Hartnett - latest design review in  US and reasons for rejection PDF
 Graham Hales  48_215  Dec1945  Project submission for 48/215 Holden manufacture (Note: 28 MB)  PDF
 Marcus McInnes 48-215 1945  Bill Abbot's recollections of engineering activities at GM to prepare for 48-215 PDF
 Frank Shetliffe 48_215  1946   History of GMOO approvals of investments in the New Australian Car  PDF
 Chris Shattock   Proving Ground 1974/78  PG Manager recalls "interesting times" at the PG PDF
 Chris Shattock Proving Ground 1957  The story of The Great Kangaroo Hunt at the Proving Ground PDF
  Chris Shattock  Engineering  1991  March X Magazine pages: Borrett, Koran, Mele, Roberts & Brooks  PDF
  Chris Shattock  Engineering   1977  "The Australian" article re Reg Hall retirement  PDF
  Chris Shattock  Engineering  1966   People Magazine extract - various people  JPG
 Chris Shattock  Eng - Test Trip 1973  Nullabor - Ivy Tanks as remembered by Hugh Videion and Chris  Shattock PDF
  Roger Gibbs  Miscellaneous  1940  Holden wartime activities - Manufacturing a 2 pounder Artillery Gun  PDF 
  Roger Gibbs  Miscellaneous  1944   Holden's first venture into 'real' Auto manufacture - The Pedal Car  PDF
 Roger Gibbs  Miscellaneous  1948  Personal recollections of the launch of the 48/215 Holden  PDF
 Marc McInnes  Eng - History   1948  History of Russell Stuart Begg, Chief Engineer of the first Holden  PDF
 Harold Ingamells   Proving Ground   1964   Proving Ground Brochure  PDF
 Harold Ingamells  P.G. - Testing  Pre-1957  History of GM-H Durability Testing  PDF
 Harold Ingamells  P.G. Testing   1954-57   Building the Proving Ground   PDF
 Marc McInnes  Body Engineer   1949   Short bio of Charles Phillips, Holden Body Engineer in 1949  JPG 
 Neil Pogson  Pagewood   1974  Plant Statistics - Equipment, Employment, Wages, etc.  PDF
 Neil Pogson  Pagewood   1971   Plant Layouts  PDF
 Neil Pogson  Prod Development  1994  The Saga of the Saab 2.3L Turbo engined Commodore  PDF
 Chris Shattock  Engineering   1965  Four young Engineers - and how one became a famous playwrite instead!  PDF
 Warwick Bryce  Engineering  1953  The true story of how the 'FX' Holden got its nickname.  PDF
 Harold Ingermells  Engineering  1981  Request for Commercial Vehicle Test Trip to Bourke  PDF
 Neil Pogson Shared Manfr  1983   Nissan Astra shared program announced.  PDF 
 Neil Pogson Executive  1986   Closure of the FB Executive Dining Room  PDF 
 Neil Pogson Holden  1986   Announcement of the split into HMC and HECC  PDF 
 Neil Pogson Holden / HMC 1986   Conditions of Employment for HMC Award Free Employees  PDF 
 Neil Pogson Holden  1987   Announcement of Toyota Joint Venture, Stage 1  PDF 
 Neil Pogson Holden  1992   Announcement of Toyota Joint Venture, Stage 2   PDF
 Stewart Underwood
Elizabeth   1963    The Queen Among us PDF 
 Roger Gibbs Elizabeth 1963  The day the Queen came to Town PDF
 Stewart Underwood Elizabeth   1965   Nov 1965 People extract: SOP Elizabeth and closure of Birkenhead Plant PDF 
 Stewart Underwood Elizabeth   1969/71   Body-in-White sketches - HQ Coupe, Torana. PDF
 Darrell Thomas Woodville   1924/90  Woodville Tool Room - Its History, Capabilities and Success Stories PDF 
 Neil Pogson  Fishermens Bend 1936   Deed of Grant of land for an Automobile Factory at FB PDF 
 Peter Gibbs Fishermens Bend  1998  Holden 50th Anniversary - 3 Men and their Icon. JPG 
 Simon Kuek Acacia Ridge   1967  GM World review of HB Torana - "Tough enough for the Outback!" PDF 
 Una (Dell) Marcus Fishermens Bend  c1940   Recollections of GMA and the birth of Holden by A W Jobson (1926-1969) PDF 
 Roger Gibbs Fishermens Bend   c1980  What the Customer Wanted - Chuck Chapman PDF 
 Marc McInnes Fishermens Bend   1935  GM-H Business booms in Australia - GM World PDF 
 Colin Lewis Dandenong  1973   Guide to the Commercial Assembly Plant, Dandenong Assembly PDF
 Hugh Videion Engineering  1966   Seat Belt Integrity Demonstration on 1966 Holden HR  PDF
 Neil Pogson Bedford   1978  You See Them Everywhere - Bedford Commercials vehicles since 1931  PDF
 Neil Pogson Holden  1990   The World of Holden - VN era  PDF
 Neil Pogson Holden  1957    Problems in  establishing an  Auto Manufacturing Plant in Australia - Lecture by F.P. Callahan  PDF
 Neil Pogson Holden Engine Co. 1998    Working With the World  PDF
 Neil Pogson Electric vehicles  1994    GM  EV1 Electric car specifications  PDF
 Neil Pogson  Asm Plants 1973    Your Visit to GM Commercial Asembly Plant, Dandenong  PDF
 Holden Holden  1961    Brief History of H A Frost  PDF
 Holden Holden  1962   History of Holden and Birks  PDF
 Holden Holden  1961    History of Arthur Rymill and the brothers Irwin (Directors)  PDF
 Holden Holden 1961    Letter from Hoglund to Bettle 1951 re proposed volume increases for Holden  PDF
 Holden Holden  1962    Walsall Observer article "Holden name liked to Wasall"  PDF
 Holden Holden   1947    Sir Edward Holden Obituary  PDF
 Holden Holden  c 1947  Jack Rawnsley Talk on the Origin and Dev of the 48-215 Holden  PDF
 Holden Engineering   1970  Torana GTR_X Engineering Report  PDF
 Hugh Videion Holden  2012    Eulogy for Chuck Chapman  PDF
 Holden Holden 1986   Holden's new structure - Full comments from Chuck Chapman on HVO/HEO split (Auto Reviews)  PDF
 Holden Holden 1987  Holden - Chapman has his say on his 12 years at Holden (Auto Reviews)  PDF
 Holden Holden  1989    An Appraisal of Holden and the Australian Auto Industry by John Bagshaw (Auto Reviews)  PDF
 Holden Holden   1956  Sheet Music for "Holden' you in my Holden"  PDF
 Holden Holden   1948  November 29 issue of Sydney Daily Mirror, with Holden announcement  PDF
 Holden Holden  1948   November 29 issue of Sydney Sun, with Holden announcement  PDF
 Holden Holden  1958  Elizabeth Plant construction site 3rd July 1958   PDF
 Holden  Holden 1958   Elizabeth Plant alternative design model.  PDF
 Bill Cuthbertson Holden  1957  GMH Apprentice Evening Program  JPG
 Bill Cuthbertson Holden  1958    GMH Apprentice Evening Program  PDF
 Bill Cuthbertson Holden  1964    GMH Apprentice Evening Program  PDF
 Bill Cuthbertson Holden  1969   GMH Apprentice Evening Program  JPG
 Bill Cuthbertson Holden  1946   GMH Wheelbarrow and Scooter production  PDF
 Bill Cuthbertson Holden 1939  Aerial Views of Fishermans Bend   JPG
 Phil Virgona Advertising  1944  Womans Weekly advertisement for Holden built Torpedos  JPG
 Phil Virgona Advertising  1944   Womans Weekly advertisement for Holden built Bombers  JPG
 Phil Virgona GMA   c1926  GM Country Dealers Council (NSW) Stock location  cards  PDF
 Phil Virgona GMH  c1957   List of films available from the GM-H Film Library.  PDF
 Frank Shetliffe GMH 1973  A short history of Holden  PDF
 Frank Shetliffe  GMH 1973  A short history of Holden, part 2 - the change to Pty Ltd  PDF
 Holden Holdens & GMH  1949   Detailed body delivery quantities from Woodville between 1917 and August 1949  PDF
 Holden Family II Engine   1981  A Tour Guide's notes to the Family II Engine plant  PDF
 Holden Family II Engine  1983   Family II engine facts  PDF
 Holden Family II Engine   c1981  Details of work stations on the Ingersol-Rand engine assembly loop.  PDF
 Holden Holden  1987    How the Joint Venture will work (Auto Reviews)  PDF
 Holden Marketing 1987   Holden Marketing Dept Restructure   PDF
 Holden Holden  1928/94  Holden emblems used from 1928 to 1994  PDF
 Holden  ACI 1939/40   Collection of 1934/40 press clippings re establishment of Aust auto build by Australian Consolidated Industries.  PDF
 Holden Public Affairs  1950   A 1950's view of the story behind "Body by Holden" and "The Story of Holden"  PDF
 Warwick Byrce Engine  pre-1969   Presentation on development of the Holden V8 engine by Fred James and Ed Silins  PDF
 Holden Holden  1975  Certificates of registration of GM-H and GM-H Sales as Foreign Companies operating in South Australia  PDF
Allan George Dandenong  1964   Advertisement in The Sun, 2nd July 1964, for workers for Dandenong Plant  PDF
 Marc McInnes  Holden c 1994   Recording of a discussion with Charlie Patterson  PDF
 Marc McInnes 48-215  c1948   "Before Lang Lang" -  An account of incidents that occurred while road testing three prototype cars for Project 320 (48-215) - before Lang Lang!  PDF
 Holden Holden  1953  Article from "The Sun" newspaper of May 1953 about the 100,000th Holden milestone.  PDF
 Holden Holden  1935   Financial analysis of Holden, reports improving prospects for the company following lean years.  PDF
 Holden Hurricane  1969   Full technical specifications and discussion of the Holden Hurricane.   PDF
 Holden Hurricane  1970   Address to the SAE Australia on Holden Hurricane design features and development, by E.G. Taylor, J.E. Hutson and D.D. Webster  PDF
 Holden 48-215  1949   Road Test of the new Holden 48-215, March 1949  PDF
 Holden  Holden 1967 "The Holden saga" by Frank S Daley: An address to the Royal Historical Society of Victoria.  PDF
 Holden  Holden 1935   The "Early History of Holden's and Their Present Methods of Mass Production Body Building" - An address to student members of the Institution of Engineers by S.W. Smith. Includes an interesting description of working with wooden car components.  PDF
 Holden Holden   c1954  "The Holden Story" - issued by Public Relations  PDF
 Holden  Elizabeth 1963   Invitation/Information card for Press attending visit of Queen Elizabeth to Elizabeth Plant, 21st February 1963  PDF
 Holden Holden  1961   "Speakers Notes" - GMH facts and figures, first issue from GMH Public Affairs 1961  PDF
 Holden Export  1956   Holden Export brochure  PDF
 Marc McInnes 50th Anniversary  1998   Jack Rawnsley's comments on draft copy of "Heart of the Lion" book, including interesting comments on 48-215 design,  PDF
 Marc McInnes 50th Anniversary  1998   Marc conceived and outlined the "Heart of the Lion" book,  PDF
 Marc McInnes 50th Anniversary  1994  Marc's outline of activities to celebrate 50th Anniversary  PDF
 Holden Woodville  1939-45   Woodville labour load chart, indexed against WW2 events.  PDF
 Holden Marketing  1952   Advertisements in "The Australian Womans Weekly" and " Womans Day and Home" magazines  PDF
 Holden Marketing  1953   Brochure advertising a novel by Frank Clune "Land of Australia", recounting a trip around Australia in a Holden, calling at the Plants on the way.  PDF
 Holden Finance  1953   Financial Review article defending against criticism in Parliament of the GMH profits  PDF
 Holden Elizabeth  1963   Layout of the original Elizabeth Plant office block nominating individual's desk locations.  PDF
 Holden Tech Centre   1964  Tech Centre opening flyer showing Harold Holt giving a speech.10 June 1964  PDF
 Holden Fishermens Bend  1965   Layout of Fishermens Bend plot in 1965  PDF
 Warwick Bryce HEC  1988   Holden's secret Overhead Cam V8 engine  PDF
 Barry Black FX/FJ  1948-56   Restorer's Hints  PDF
 Barry Black FX/FJ 1948-56   Restorer's Hints - Service Bulletins  PDF
 Barry Black FX/FJ 1948-56   Nasco Accessories list  PDF
 Holden  Fishermens Bend    Jack Rawnsley: A Brief Summary of my 50 years in the Workforce  PDF
 Holden  Fishermens Bend    Jack Rawnsley: Thoughts on some other projects.  PDF
 Holden Fishermens bend     Jack Rawnsley: A Talk on Some Unrecorded Items of Holden History  PDF
 Holden  Corp Affairs  1992 Holden Vehicle Operations - A History  PDF
 Holden 48_215  1948   Official Presentation of the New Holden  PDF
 Holden 48_215  1948    New Australian Car Publicity and Press releases  PDF
 Holden 48_215  1948    Speeches made at the Release of the New Australian car  PDF
 Holden  GMH c1943    GM World: GM Products in action (PC)  PDF
 Holden  GMH  1942    GM World: Australia Beats its Ploughshares into Guns (PC)  PDF
 Holden  GMH 1935    GM World: Holden's New Melbourne Plant (PC)  PDF
 Holden GMA 1926    GM World: Opening of the Sydney Branch (PC)  PDF
 Holden GMH  1937   GM World: Opening of Perth Branch  PDF
 Holden Holden  1975    What you should know about GMH  PDF
 Holden 48_215  1948    Program details for release of the New Australian car  PDF
 Holden Holdn  1948    Mr Bettle speaks about the christening of the new Holden  PDF
 Holden 48_215  1948    Press Releases for the New Australian Car  PDF
 Holden GMH 1930    GM World: Sydney publicity stunt (PC)  PDF
 Holden GMH  1930    GM World: "General Motors & Holden" formed by merger of the two companies (PC)  PDF
 Holden GMH  1948    Launch Invitation to PM Chifley etc, and correspondence re date shift.  PDF
 Holden GMH  1934    GM World: L. Hartnett appointed as MD, plus organisation (PC)  PDF
 Holden GMH  1935    GM World: the re-opening of Perth Plant  PDF
 Hiolden GMH  1936   GM World: Holden acquires site and builds a plant at Melbourne (PC)  PDF
 Holden GMH Pagewood  1940   GM World: A new Plant rises in Sydney (PC)  PDF
 Holden  Frigidaire  1945  GM World: Frigidaire in action in the Pacific  PDF
 Holden GMH  1948   GM World: Australia Builds a Motor Car   PDF
 Holden 48_215  1948    Details of the Melbourne street Circuit used to test the 48_215  PDF
 Holden Sales  1948    Customer's receipt for purchase of a 48_215  PDF
 Holden GMH  1948   Personnel Directory of staff   PDF
 Holden GMH  1992    Four Designers at the National Museum with their cars (see also Photos)  PDF
 Holden  GMH  1994  In the Beginning.. An article by Frank Shetliffe  PDF
 Holden  Sunraycer  1987   Sunraycer article about drivers John Harvey and Molly Brennan  PDF
 Holden 48_215   1951  Uncommon poster for 48_215 Sedan and Utility  JPG
 Holden Electric Vehicles   1981  A GMH update Bulletin on the then current development of Electric Cars.  PDF
 Holden  GMH 1954   Further Expansion - announcing expanded facilities incl Dandenong plant  PDF
 Holden GMH  1946   Australia's Industrial Opportunity - report on the GMH AGM 31 May 1946  PDF
 Greg Alford  Service 1947   Service Dept Annual Conference and Dinner (signed menu)   PDF
 Marcus McInnes GMH  1945   Advertisement by Myer for GMH designed and built Caravan.  JPG
 Marcus McInnes Sunraycer  c1987   World Solar Challenge - Quiet Achiever to Tesla - Holden’s Role  PDF
 Marcus McInnes Holden Family     A history of the Holden Family.  PDF
 Marcus McInnes Holden History   1923  The Bulletin, 19 July 1923 - The Growth of a Great Australian Industry  PDF
 Warwick Bryce Engineering   c1970  186 DIESEL Red Motor   PDF
 John Laurie  GMNZ 1957   Remember when Holden cars were built in New Zealand?  PDF
 Ron Hastings  GMH  1930s-60s  A history of Dunstan Hastings, how he came to GMH from Argentina to Plant Manager of two Holden Assembly Plants  PDF
 Holden  Management  1967  25 Year Club Dinner menu and member listing  PDF
 John Crennan Sales & Marketing  1960's   Remember when? - Memories of a 16 year old Mail Boy at Fishermens  Bend  PDF