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Rare and unusual publications by and about GM-H

Note: Copyright of much of this material resides with Holden.  You may freely download it for your pleasure or research, but you must obtain prior written approval from Holden Corporate Affairs Dept if you wish to use the material for any commercial purpose.


These are mainly large files. For most members, they will be best viewed by right clicking on the link, and selecting "Save As" from the pop-up menu.  They can then be viewed with a free pdf viewer.


1. War Record (1946) - Bound Volume

Published by General Motors-Holden after World War II to record the part that the men and women of General Motor's - Holden Limited had played over the last six years in Australia's war production effort.

This bound volume is 186 pages of detail of what was produced, where, and when. 

It is available as seven separate pdf files (each up to 10 Mb in size) for easier downloading, or a complete-in-one-file pdf copy of 36 Mb. 

Section 1   (4.5 MB)                        PDF

Section 2   (2.0 MB)                        PDF

Section 3   (6.4 MB)                        PDF

Section 4   (6.7 MB)                        PDF

Section 5   (5.7 MB)                        PDF

Section 6   (4.8 MB)                        PDF

Section 7   (6.4 MB)                        PDF 

Complete Book in one (35.8 MB)   PDF 


2. War Production - 1946

An A5 size, soft cover short version of the War Record book. 

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3. War Activities of General Motors-Holden Ltd.  

 A Photo Album of war related activities of GM-H, with particular emphasis on the little documented  Allison Aero Engine refurbishment Brisbane.

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3a. Our Achievements

This small booklet, published in 1944, lists month by month the war related activities of the Woodville Plant in Adelaide.

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 4 . Welcome to the World of Holden - VP era

 A guide to Elizabeth Assembly Plant as configured for Commodore VP production. 

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5. Holden Foundry Operations

A Guide to the Holden Foundry Operations at Fishermens Bend 

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6. GM - The War Effort of the  Overseas Divisions

 This 90 page book outlines the involvement of the GM Overseas Divisions in the Second World War, up to 1943.  Note that it is an 18 MB download. 

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7. Holden - Australia's Own

 A short history of the growth of Holden. 

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 8. Fifty Years of Holden Motor Sport

 A record of the growth of Holden Motor Sport from 1948 to 1998 

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9. GMH - About Ourselves 

 A Review of Holden operations, published March 1960

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10. Behind the Millionth

 The story of the organisation behind the design and manufacture of the one millionth Holden.  Published 1962

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11. Holden Engine and Components Company (HEC)

 A Brochure introducing and detailing the activities and products of HEC. 1986

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12. HEC - Working With the World


A sales booklet focussing on the world wide customer service offered by HEC. 1999

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 13. Lang Lang

 A brochure showing the activities and facilities at Lang Lang proving Grounds - May 1984

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14. Pagewood Plant

 A brochure showing Pagewood Plant and its facilities in 1960.

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15. The Changing Trend

 "The Picture of an Industry" - a view in 1936 of Holden and its place in the Australian Auto Industry.

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 16. A History of GMH, by Frank Daley

 A commissioned history of General Motors-Holden which was suppressed and never published, apparently because the GM Central Office in the USA did not approve of the tone of some of the comments made about them.  It only covers the period up until about 1946 and the proposed development of an Australian car.

 Frank Daley joined General Motors-Holden’s Ltd in 1931 as Senior Staff Engineer, responsible for modernising the company’s plant at Woodville, South Australia. He held a senior position in ordinance production during World War II, and afterwards transferred to GMH’s plant at Fishermens Bend, Victoria, where he was involved in the development of the Holden car. He left the company for Kelvinator in Adelaide in 1951 but returned to Melbourne in 1956, where he worked as a consulting engineer. He apparently worked on this document at around this time. Daley was a member of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria, and later published an article, 'The Holden Saga' in the Victorian Historical Magazine (February 1967). 

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 17. The Australian Buick Bulletin

 "A Magazine of Motor Interest, published monthly in behalf of Buick Interests in Australia"

    1916   Jun  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec

    1917  Jan  Mar

    1918  Jul

    1920  Jun

    1921  Jan  Feb  Apr  May  Sep  Dec (poor copy)

    1922  Sep

 18. Dandenong Plant 

 A brochure showing Dandenong Plant and its facillities in 1960 

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19. 50 Years of Quality Parts

 A 50th Anniversary Souvenir Edition of "Quality Parts"

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20. 50 Years of the Holden Ute

 Holden Ute - Fifty Years of an Australian legend.

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21. 1948 Building General Motors' New Australian car.. Holden.

Published early 1948, before start of production.  Reprinted 1971.

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22. A Look at GMH - 1961 Edition

 First Edition, September 1961

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23. A Look at GMH - 1962 Edition

Third Edition, October 1962.

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24. Welcome to GMH Victoria

 Issued 1976, An overview of Fishermens Bend and Dandenong Plants.

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25. A New View of the Office

A guide for Secretaries and office personnel.

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26. Engines for the RAAF

The story of the first Australian made Gipsy Major aero engines.

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27. Marketing Department Restructure - 1987

Details of changes primarily in the HMC Marketing department as a result of the split of Holden into two companies.

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28. 25 Years of Commodore

 Issued in 2003 to celebrate 25 years of Commodore production.

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29. Holden by Design

This brochure briefly recalls the Design processes of the VT Commodore and acknowledges the efforts of the four disciplines which make up the Department: Design, Modelling, Technical Support and Colour & Trim. Issued 1997.

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 30. Holden Technical Centre

Issued in June 1964 at the opening of the Technical Centre on 10th June

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31. The Changing Times

Issued in 1936. this publication gives a review of General Motors Holden as it existed, and some predictions for the future of the Auto industry in Australia.

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32. This is GMH

A 1970's view of GM Holden

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33. The Tri-matic Plant in Adelaide

A brochure issued at the start of Tri-matic Automatic Transmission production at Woodville, Adelaide.

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34. 1926 General Motors Holden Ltd Memorandum of Association

Issued at the time of the Incorporation of GMH on 6th May 1926, This booklet lists the names, aims and objectives , etc,  of the newly formed company

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35. 1936 Fishermens Bend Official Opening Guide book

After the official opening ceremony at Fishermens Bend Plant in 1936, the guests were invited to take a tour of the new facilities.  This is the Guide Book issue to guests to explain what they were seeing on the tour.  This copy includes a GMH ribband worn by GMH official tours guides pinned inside the front cover.

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36. Official Invitation to the Launch of the 1948-215 Holden

Invitation to the launch at Fishermens Bend of the new Australian car. 

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37. Announcement Dinner Program and Menu.

The entertainment program and menu for the Announcement dinner, held on 30th November 1948 in the Social Centre.

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36. L J Hartnett's own copy of the photographic record of the construction of Pagewood Plant.

 Photographic records were kept of the construction and opening of the Pagewood Plant iin 1939.  On completion, the photographs were collected into presentation books and given to the senior members of management.  This scan is of Laurance Hartnett's own copy. (56Mb file)

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