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Holden Special Vehicles / Holden Racing Team

Copyright for this content is the property of Holden Special Vehicles and/or Holden Racing Team.  You may download it to read or for private research, but you need to get written permission to publish any of the content. 

      Note: '*' means that the year is considered to be complete. 

1. Excelerate

  1996*    Autumn  Winter  Spring

  1997*    Summer  Winter  Spring  Summer

  1998*   Autumn   Winter  Summer   

  1999*   Autumn   Winter  Spring  

  2000*   Autumn   Winter  Spring

  2001*   Autumn   Winter  Summer

  2002*   Autumn   Winter  Spring

  2003*   Autumn   Spring  Summer

  2004*   Autumn  Winter  Spring

  2005*   Winter 

  2006 *  Autumn  Summer


2. Excel

  2007*  Autumn  Winter  Summer

  2008*  Autumn  Winter 


3. Team Torque

  1999*   May  Jun  Jul  Jul  Aug/Sep  Oct  Nov

  2000    Dec/Jan  Mar/Apr  May  June  Aug/Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec

  2001*  Mar  Apr  May  Jun/Jul  Aug  Sep  Nov  Dec

  2002*  Mar/Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug/Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec

  2003*  Mar/Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Sep Oct  Nov  Dec 

  2004*  Mar  Apr  Jun  Sep  Nov  Dec

  2005    Jan  Apr  Jun  Sep  Nov

  2006*  Jan


 4. Holden Motor Sport

      1990  Mar 

     1991  Sep 


5. HRT Facts Book - Commemorative Edition 2000

 "The Year 2000 brings a new Millennium, a new V8 Supercar season, and a new concept from the Holden Racing Team and that is this, the first edition of HRT's Facts Book. The publication is a guide to the exciting World of Australia's favourite form of motor sport the V8 Supercars, and especially the Holden Racing Team - who we are, what makes us tick, and how we operate. We hope this assists people who may be new to our sport, or those who are simply interested in using it as a reference book and to collectors with only limited numbers being produced for our first edition."

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