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About Company Vehicle Operations  


In an effort to ensure the Holden Retirees club is informed of Holden’s Company Vehicle Operations’ activities, this section was created to provide retirees with the latest news and bulletins from CVO.

This section also includes information on how to get a “Letter Of Introduction” to purchase a new vehicle from a Holden dealer with an easy to use guide to the GM Partner Program website for eligible retirees*

CVO’s vehicle sales policies are listed to ensure our members understand the conditions of purchasing a Holden vehicle, new and used.

For further information on our sales policies and vehicle purchases please click here


Contact and location information is also provided on the contact page

* Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for new vehicle discounts, the retiree must hold a Gold Pass or meet the following criteria

1. Retired from GM Holden aged 55 years of age or more

2. Separated from GM Holden following a special separation programand after achieving 20 or more years of service.

3. Special provisions apply to the HEO Family II Plant closure in 2009 whereby this group of employees require 10 years of service (not the usual 20 in 2 above). Similarly, people affected by the HEO Family II Plant closure in 2009 are eligible for the Gold Card at age 50.

4. Employees who separate under a Total Permanent Disability benefit, regardless of age

5. GMC retirees living in Australia

6. Where an employee has passed away whilst in service or when retired, their surviving spouse/partner who has not remarried is eligible for discount on the purchase of a new Holden vehicle.

If you are eligible for a gold pass but did not receive it when you left Holden or have since misplaced it, please contact CVO on 96471135 or email:

Please refer to our policies for further, detailed information on eligibility criteria.